How To Write And Publish Your Book

The process of publishing a book is relatively easy. From start to finish, the entire process can be broken down into simple steps. These steps are writing, editing, proofreading, page planning, printing and distribution. Even in the old days of pre-internet publishing, getting your book published was quite simple. These days, with your computer printer, the offset printing press and vanity publishers, the whole process has become very easy. Below are some smart ways to move from would-be writer to published author. 

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Start Writing

The only way to become a writer is to start writing. You don't have to wait until you get the perfect idea. Nor do you have to wait for the perfect time and situation. There is a lot of power in just getting started. Just write out an outline for your book. Give it a tentative title and start working on the project. 

Write Consistently

You cannot succeed in this project if you write in fits and starts. Consistent writing is the name of the game. Choose a particular time of the day and put in a few hours everyday of the week. Some people write better early in the morning. Others are more productive late at night and some even write in the evening hours after taking an afternoon nap. Choose the time that works best for you and apply yourself consistently to the task. 

Don't Worry About Mistakes

A one-draft writer does not exist. Even some of the greatest writers out there write a first draft then they write a second or even a third draft. The message here is that you don't have to be afraid of making mistakes as you write. Focus on productivity and not perfection. This way, you will create your first draft easily and polish it later. 

Talk to Professionals

You cannot do it all by yourself. For this reason, it makes sense to get the experts involved in this project. Talk to a literary agent or a professional editor. This expert will evaluate your work, edit for you and make valuable suggestions. You might even have to rewrite or change some things in the book but this is not a problem. You are on your way to progress and this should spur you to work harder. 

Talk to Publishers

Once you have written and edited your book correctly, the next stage is the publishing stage. You can sign a contract with a reputable publishing house or you can opt for self-publishing. The choice is yours. However, you should have a marketing plan in place so that you make money from the project. Try out the tips above and they will work for you.